With the number of identity credentials associated with individuals increasing, authentication of these is becoming a top priority for enterprises and government applications. In today’s world, the protection of information is among the most critical concerns. Traditional password based and token based technologies are proving to be incapable of handling these increasing demands in a cost efficient and secure manner. Biometrics is the process of recognizing an individual based on the person’s physical and behavioral characteristics like fingerprints, face, iris, voice, signature and others. These characteristics are unique to the individual,provide a higher level of security, and do not suffer from disadvantages of the other technologies.

SaiFirst has partnered with the leaders in the security area to provide the best possible Biometric Identity Management solutions. SaiFirst and its partners are engaged in developing solutions to address the growing concerns regarding logical and physical security. Our solutions are based on a simple mantra: provide the most effective and valuable Biometric solutions to our clients.

SaiFirst provides a range of consulting services, solutions and training programs in this area. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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