SaiFirst has extensive experience in developing applications that leverage biometrics capabilities. With proven expertise in all phases of application development, we can assure our clients of providing a solution that will integrate with their existing infrastructure as well as achieve all the functional and operational goals. We have developed applications using several leading biometric SDK’s in fingerprint recognition, 2D & 3D face recognition, iris recognition, hand recognition, vascular pattern recogntion, dynamic signature verification, voice recognition and others. We are technology and OS neutral and we will strive to provide our clients with the most appropriate application.

  • Applications
  • Single Sign On, Identity Management Platforms, Biometric Enrollment and Verification/Identification kiosks, Time & Attendance, Network Access, Logical Access using Mobile Devices, Point of Sale

  • Sectors
  • Healthcare, Finance & Banking, Manufacturing, Retail, Law Enforcement and others

  • Smartcard & PKI
  • Experience with cryptographic techniques and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) design and deployment, biometric data management, Directory services Active Directory & LDAP

  • Application Environment
  • Windows, Linux, Unix, Embedded Systems, Mobile Operating Systems (WinCE, Android, iOS)

  • Programming Languages & Technologies
  • .NET Framework, Java, Web Technologies, C, C++, XML, PhP, Tomcat, JBOSS, Apache

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