SaiFirst understands that biometric solutions do not follow the “one size fits all” paradigm. With its extensive experience in biometrics R&D and expertise in technology development, SaiFirst is positioned to provide vendor and technology neutral solutions to your challenges. Our services include:

  • Architecture Design and Implementation
  • Our team is experienced in collecting functional requirements and converting them into effective solutions. Be it Single Sign On (SSO) or multifactor physical and logical access systems, we have the expertise to design the right solution for your needs. Combining our knowledge of biometric technologies, industry specific regulations, privacy concerns, the latest application servers and enterprise infrastructure technologies, we are able to provide solutions which will achieve your business goals.

  • Biometrics Project Management
  • Our team of certified project managers will provide work alongside our client’s teams to ensure successfuly completion of your biometrics projects. Their combination of biometrics knowledge with project management skills will ensure that each phase of your project starting from scope definition, requirements analysis, architecture design, resource planning, risk assessment, budget management, team communication and coordination, and delivery are successful. Our committment is to successful completion of projects on-time and on-budget.

  • Biometric System Integration
  • Several biometric technologies have reached a maturity level that they are commercially available off the shelf (COTS) and ready for deployment. Integrating these COTS systems into your existing infrastructure requires specialized expertise for the solution to be succesful. With our understanding of legacy systems, application and interface development, and biometric technologies we will be able to provide your with a successful solution.

  • Biometrics & IdM Strategy
  • Biometrics is a relatively new and rapidly evolving technology. Most enterprises already have legacy systems in place which partially fulfill their IdM objectives. Developing stratgies that take into account your business needs, technology vulnerabilities and risk assessments requires a diverse set of expertise – exactly the kind that SaiFirst is well positioned to provide. Our team can provide, or partner with you to develop, a biometrics centric IdM strategy which will help you achieve your business goals.

  • Subject Matter Expertise
  • Our consultants are well-versed in commercially available biometric technologies, all the way from the technology underpinnings to ISO standards associated with them. Their knowledge of different legislations and regulations will ensure that you recieve technology advise which will help you make the best short term and long term decision for your company.

  • Technology Analysis & Evaluation
  • Contrary to information you may find about the best biometric technology, there is no such technology. Each biometric technology has its advantages and disadvantages and operational challenges. If your company requries scenario specific analysis and evaluation of biometric technologies, we can provide this service. We also have the ability to conduct tests on biometric systems using human subjects which will provide you with a realisitic evaluation of the technology. Please see our Evaluation & Testing services for more information.

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