SaiFirst offers a range of evaluation & testing services for biometric products to provide assurance of system performance. Biometric testing is different from other security product test in that it requires human subjects. Be it a technology benchmarking test or a simulated scenario test SaiFirst has the expertise and the infrastructure to conduct a test tailored to our client’s requirements. Evaluation and testing is a critical step in ensuring a successful product or system but most companies are not equipped to handle these tasks in-house. SaiFirst’s evaluation & testing services can help in:

  • Improving product design
  • Identifying performance issues
  • Indepedent verification of system performance
  • Human Subject Interaction and Usability Issues
  • Testing Conformance to ISO/IEC SC37 standards
  • Customized tests for throughput, enviornment impact, & others

SaiFirst’s evaluation program can help your company in creating better products as well as attract new clients. Our team is comprised of members trained in rigorous experimental methodologies, statistics, data analysis and data collection. By providing our clients with relevant data regarding their products, our Evaluation & Testing services are a critical component of their success.

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