SaiFirst’s Mobile Application division has expertise in developing custom solutions on Blackberry, Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile and other devices. SaiFirst provides high quality outsourcing services to design, develop and deploy mobile applications for SMB and enterprises.We provide SMS integration for new and existing applications which get your ERP, CRM and other applications SMS enabled.

Technical Expertise in :

Blackberry user interface API’s to build rich graphical applications.
Secure data transfer protocols for communication with other devices using Bluetooth and other wireless protocols

Indepth understanding of the iPhone platform architecture.
Expertise in building web-based enterprise applications.

Expertise in using MIDP and additional API’s like J2ME Polish, Mobile Media API, J2ME Web Services, Java API’s for Bluetooth, Security and Trust Services API.

Windows Mobile
Experience with Windows Mobile and Smart Devices platform
Experience with .NET framework
Developed widgets for accessing data using a rich UI which uses AJAX, Entity Framework and ADO .NET data services

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