SaiFirst has extensive experience in developing & providing integrated courseware , e-learning and knowledge development solutions to the B2C and as well as to B2B market. SaiFirst develops unique and customized integrated learning solutions and methodologies that enable effective knowledge propagation. SaiFirst has created and adopted strong content instructional design methods that help to simplify the explanation of difficult concepts. Our solutions are built using e-learning, product simulation, multimedia tools and cutting edge technologies that transform learning into an exciting and engaging experience.

Our solutions are built to be flexible and can accommodate different learning styles. These solutions can be integrated with you classroom training sessions or can be used for self-paced learning. The learning modules are can be easily integrated into any existing learning management system. Most of our solutions are platform independent without the requirement of external
vendor licenses or costs.

Integrated Knowledge and Content Development Services
Customized Corporate Training Solutions
Product & Training Demos
Software Application Development
M-learning & Palm-learning Solutions
Simulation and CBT
Web Based Training & Online learning system
Online Corporate University Solutions
Instructional Design
Content Production & Integration
Repurposing of Content

Corporate training solutions include:
1. Product Demos
2. LMS Software Application Development
3. CBT/e-learning
4. Instructional Design
5. Content Production/ Integration
6. Repurposing of Content

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