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SaiFirst provides high-quality Open Source Technology and Training solutions by combining design skills with extensive technical expertise. As a non-proprietary IT solution and training provider covering several different industries, we play a pioneering role in the market. SaiFirst sees itself as a bridge-builder, creating links between technology and business processes. Its objective is to become the market leader in providing Total Open Source solutions including training, consulting and support. To meet the industry requirement and to equip clients with open source technologies, SaiFirst can leverage its strong team and partners who are the experts in their specialized domains to provide you with the best possible Open Source Technology solutions.

Open Source Technologies come with certain risks that must be carefully managed by Open Source experts. But unlike commercial software, Open Source does not automatically come with a vendor who would manage such risks. These risks can reduce the value proposition of using an Open Source solution for the needs of your organization.

SaiFirst OSIT™

SaiFirst has developed the Open Source Support, Implementation & Training (SaiFirst OSIT™) model to help your organization achieve its goal of Open Source solutions. The model works in these steps:

Evaluate and Strategize
Develop and Integrate
Develop and Support

Evaluate and Strategize

Adapts step-wise evaluation of open source software and the enterprise’s existing software. Measuring the maturity of selected open-source projects and the enterprise’s available skill-set. This is very important so as to not add additional manpower just to support the initiative, wherever possible. Also, this evaluates the currently available software and hardware infrastructure and makes an assessment of which open-source software would integrate efficiently, completely and with extensibility to provide the best complete solution to the enterprise. Here, evaluating the right license for the open-source software becomes very important.


Prepares an integrated OSIT implementation and custom development model. Prepares a projected ROI on the entire initiative – rather than focusing on only one software. Prepare and recommend hardware, software and resource requirement plans.

Develop and Integrate

Open Source Software is an asset to the IT community and corporations worldwide. Small and Mid-size Enterprises (SMEs) can especially take advantage of these technologies and avoid expensive software licensing fees that they would otherwise have to pay. Here at SaiFirst, we have over 8 years of experience working on an Open Source Platform and offering total Open Source Solutions including the Development and Integration of Web applications and Open Source Databases such as MYSQL and PostgreSQL. We are an experienced Open Source software solution provider based out of the USA.

Our experience is with the following:
• LAMP technology (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
• PostgreSQL
• Joomla Content Management System (CMS)
• VirtuMart (E-commerce; Shopping Cart)
• OS Commerce (E-commerce)
• Subversion (SVN) source control
• PHPBB (web discussion boards)
• WordPress (blog)

Deploy and Support


Is Open Source Harder to deploy and to get Support?

Not when you use SaiFirst as your Open Source Technology partner. As a matter of fact, regardless of what kind of software you are implementing, they all require some expertise to deploy, secure, and maintain. In the past, most open-source software was technically challenging and required considerable expertise. Today, some open-source software is just as easy to deploy as proprietary alternatives. Solutions like SuSE & Red Hat Linux, MYSQL, PostgreSQL, or are designed for entry- or mid-level user expertise, offering installers with graphical interfaces, support documents and suggested configurations. Once installed, open-source may not offer certain features, but it’s not necessarily more difficult to deploy.

SaiFirst helps the enterprise to deploy and maintain the solution with any support issues and even enhancements. This helps the enterprise reduce its cost of support immensely as the support costs are usually provided from offshore costs.


SaiFirst will provide your technical team with all the required skills to support your Open Source environment on day to day basis while the SaiFirst team is also available for all critical matters as your backup to critical incidents.

SaiFirst addresses:

  • Minimizing strategic risks such as security risks, customizing open source to meet your business needs, and evaluating the maturity of a specific open-source application.
  • Verifying operational risks which include the availability of adequate support and documentation for open source as well as the understanding of the process for fixing defects in the code.
  • Understanding the legal risks which include copyright and licensing infringement and also managing the risk of combining open source code with the company’s own, internally- developed source code.
Open Source

Providing Expert Open source Technology solutions is not simply about leveraging technology & standards, it is also about following and appreciating its philosophy and techniques. It is about openness and fairness, it is about doing the right things which are beneficial to our customers. Our Open Source team embraces this philosophy.

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